BYOC Fuzz Face Mods ( Beavis )

Mods for the BYOC Fuzz Face Clone

An integral part of the FuzzLab project was to take all the possible mods to the circuit and make them switchable from the front panel. In other words, instead of having to choose between a single cap value for tone and soldering it to the board, move two different value caps onto a switch and maid it controllable in real time.
As I worked with the BYOC Fuzz Clone, I came up with a pretty simple wiring diagram that accomplishes this. With a couple of switches and pots and an optional panel meter, you can have an incredibly versatile Fuzz Face clone.


Here is version 2 with a few new mods, the Big Phatty Mod, and the Howl of Flaming Death mod. 

Original Version


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